Reporting on Migrants and Refugees:
Handbook for Journalism Educators


On July 13, 2021, UNESCO and the Erich Brost Institute of International Journalism have launched the newest publication in the UNESCO Series on Journalism Education: The Handbook for Journalism Educators: Reporting on Migrants and Refugees. Edited by Susanne Fengler, Monika Lengauer and Anna Carina Zappe, it addresses one of the challenges of the 21st century – migration and forced displacement. The handbook is concerned with media coverage of people – migrants, refugees, IDPs, stateless people and their host communities – first of all. In addition, it is set in the context of migration and development. It puts the SDGs into practice and highlights the “furthest behind in order to leave no one behind” by using Guinea-Bissau as one of three case studies. It addresses journalism educators in the Global South and in the Global North, media practicioners and newsrooms, and reaches out to those who report and research on migrants and refugees in institutions, organisations and associations. It is available in open access and enables all users to report proficiently and responsibly about a complex field that impacts all lives. A video from the launch event at the IAMCR 2021 in Nairobi is available for download here.

This website contains a variety of additional materials accompanying the UNESCO Handbook for Journalism Educators: Reporting on Migrants and Refugees. Resources for educators comprise ready-to-use power point presentations, videos and audios, as well as key texts. For journalism students, the website offers E-Learning sessions and recommended readings. Spaces for collaborative work will hopefully facilitate cross-border projects on migration coverage between journalism institutes in origin, transit and destination countries.

We would like to alert users especially to our online resource Reporting on Media, Migration and Forced Displacement: Global Perspectives. Anna Litvinenko and Svetlana Bodrunova report on coverage of migrants and refugees in Russia. Isabella Kurkowski brings together the Asian insights co-authored by Lekhanat Pandey (Nepal), AHM Abdul Hai (Bangladesh) and Sher Baz Khan (Pakistan). Cilene Victor investigates the movements in Latin America with a focus on Venezuela and Brazil, Juanita Malagon reports from Colombia while Scott Maier, Marcus Kreutler, Layire Diop, Katilin C. Bane, and Rajeev Ravisankar provide an overview of media coverage of migrants and refugees in the media of the USA. Naila Hamdy and Ghadeer Ali Ahmed share the East African context from the perspective of Egypt.

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