The Handbook




The UNESCO handbook Handbook for Journalism Educators: Covering Migrants and Refugees enables journalism educators worldwide to address one of the challenges of the 21st century – migration and refugee matters. In a set of thirteen modules, journalism educators are provided with a comprehensive curriculum. It covers all aspects needed to train analysis, research, presentation, marketing, and ethics of migration coverage. The handbook is unique as it comprises results of communication studies as well as political and social sciences. It has been developed by an international and cross-cultural group of media researchers, media educators and media practitioners.

Journalism educators will be enabled to jump-start a new curriculum. Journalism students will learn that matters of migration and forced displacement are concerned about human beings and therefore require knowledge and awareness of accurate facts, reliable sources, ethical reporting and best practices. Experienced journalists will benefit from using the volume as a self-learning tool, and media development organizations may adapt the curriculum to their training plans.

The project will impact a more comprehensive coverage of migrant and refugee matters in countries of origin, transit and destination, and a more balanced and informed public debate across countries and cultures.


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