Material Module 3: Context Factors for Migration and Forced Displacement

An e-learning-session about context factors for migration and forced displacement

Here an e-learning session is offered. The following e-learning-session introduces factors which drive people to leave their origin country and to seek a better life in a destination country – so called push- and pull- factors. But first this session begins with the difference between a migrant and a forcibly displaced person. It continues with the relationship between countries of origin and destination. Furthermore, factors with a high influence on migration and forced displacement in the future are highlighted before a final summary concludes the learning unit.

1.  General definitions

2. Relationship between countries of origin and destination countries

3. Factors with a high impact on migration and forcibly displaced persons in the future



Lengauer, M. & Fengler, S. (2021): Module 3: Context Factors for Migration and Forced Displacement. In: UNESCO, Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism (Ed.), Reporting on Migrants and Refugees: Handbook for Journalism Educators. Paris: UNESCO.

Authors: Jana Marie Bertermann, Jennifer Retslav and Miguel Kaluza

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