Material Module 4: The Media and the Migration Story – An Analysis Across Countries

Media, journalists and the Migration Story worldwide

In the following, materials and exercises give participants a deeper insight into the media and the migration story worldwide. Thereby the opportunity is given to listen to journalists’ insides from all over the world to get to know how the media in their country report, in their opinion, on the topic of migration and forced displacement.

Journalist’s Insides

The International Organization for Migration counts 258 million people (2017) in the world who left their country of birth to live somewhere else. Referring to UNHCR 26 million of them (2020) are considered as refugees. Even though it’s an worldwide topic, every country has an individual situation concerning migrants and refugees as well as its own way of reporting about it.

Explore the subject on the interactive world map down below, which contains videos, information boxes, reporting examples and a concluding quiz. Several journalists report on the coverage of migrants and refugees issues in their country and share their individual work experiences. The content helps to be more sensitive towards migrants and refugees matters and enables to cover it in a more responsible way.

Please note: Not every hotspot contains a video with an interview. For some countries it was not possible to get in touch with a local journalist. Nevertheless, for all the countries there is always information about the migrants and refugees story and the situation of journalists provided.

Please note that the videos do not claim general validity but express individual opinions.          Status: April 2021

To give concrete examples for migrants and refugee coverage, the journalists recommend the following media contributions:


Check the gained knowledge with the short quiz below. Read the questions and choose the correct answers.

Authors: Ameli Uszball, Kirsten Pfister, Richard Steisslinger

Migration coverage in European media

In the following, material and exercises about the migration coverage, especially in European media, are offered. Participants can get deeper insights into the topic and work on the tasks by studying on their own.

Please read the accordion about the study “Migration coverage in Europe´s media”


Please, complete the following text and answer the questions below to find out how well you paid attention to the provided information.



The following part is about the topics of the media coverage and the possible problems some of them could cause. Please read the accodion to get the informations about it.


Now the final task to check your knowledge about module 5. Which sentences are right, which wrong?


Author: Noah Simon

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